Jesse David Kaap

The Story of the Jesse David Kaap

This is the story of the Jesse David Kaap. Please follow along on this great adventure with us as we travel into the unknown without even leaving Central Illinois! Every day will be a wild new learning experience as we do our best, pray to God, and hold on to our hinies, cause there's no turning back!

The Latest News

9/25/2007 - Check-Up with Dr Kennedy

Six months ago Dr Kennedy saw Jesse and delaired him fit as a fiddle, and scheduled a 6-month check-up. Today was just that day. Stopping just shy of an MRI, she confirmed what most have speculated, that there appears to be absolutely no developmental issues whatsoever. With a few extra questions about what to look for, just in case, she sent us on our way. Jesse is one healthy, happy, and smart kiddo.

As always, I'm terribly sorry about getting the word out. I'm in dire need of a full-life content management system. It's not just a rumor about kids keeping you busy, but as the web is a big part of my world, I'm certainly trying to find better ways to get the information out to those who wish to be in-the-know! Thanks again for stopping by. I look forward to the day, looking at God's big video recorder in the sky, seeing all the wonderful people who stopped by and prayed, hoped, blessed, cried, and rejoiced with us as we started this journey. God bless you all, and I hope to be in touch in the future!

The Name Game

What ever could my name be? Am I going to be named after someone I know? After someone famous? After someone infamous? Who knows? Do you? Come play along as we try to figure this one out before I'm 16!


  • David - Beloved
  • Jesse - the Lord exists

Popular Baby Names

Give us a little bit to get some sleep, and we'll post something about why the names were chosen as they were soon. Thanks for playing along!!! :)

What Comes Next?

Come be a part of what comes next for me. Join me, be a role model. Help me achieve all that I can. It's not a big favor I ask, it's the biggest. Help me become the best me I can be, to the satisfaction of the Lord in doing all He has placed me here to do.

It sounds like too much to ask, but it's worth every bit. You have my word! God bless us all, and God bless this broken road we travel...