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Did you get here by way of your favorite search engine? Looking for someone online? Checking out if you show up in any unexpected pages? If you know my friends, or are listed on this page yourself, drop me a line! Odds are I haven't heard from you in a while, and you wouldn't be on here if I wasn't interested in hearing what you're up to from time to time...

Aaron Marten

Chris Siefert and his over-abundance of CS knowledge

Chris Sturhahn

Dan Davisson

Dwight Divine

Frannie, her Professional Page, and her wonderful Page 'O Frogs & Rocks, or the New One

Jeffrey The Great

Mark Hege's page of randomly updated site with pictures of Matthew!!!

Ryan Lefever

Sarah and her Madison & Nathan Site

Tony's annually updated Demo Page

Did you ever want to list all the friends you have/had? Here's my list, but don't pay attention, they're in no order, and if you're not on here yet, then I just wasn't thinking of you while sitting at my computer today. IT DOESN'T MEAN ANYTHING!!!
Aaron Marten
Aaron Woell
Alicia Doran
Amelia 'Leah' Kelm
Anna Sutton
Brandy Blanquart
Brian Precious
Chris Lesher
Chris Siefert
Chris Sturhahn
Cindy Stamm
Dan Davisson
Daryl Lindsmith
Dave DeAngelo
Erich Zwettler
Erin Flynn
Evans Chang
Florence Huang
Frannie Skomurski
Graham Bucholz
Heather Charest
Heather Egland
Jason Nachowicz
Jeff DeSando
Jen Koenig
Jennifer Frentzel
Jenny Wazniak
Jeremy Pepper
Jobee&Missy Cauresma
Jonna Dettlaff
Josh Wallace
Keith Heather
Keith Hildebrand
Keith Nowiki
Kim Cuga
Kimberly Nachowicz
Laura Robertson
Elizabeth 'Liza' Kelm
Loretta Lazear
Lori Reid
Mandy Follett
Matt Janssen
Melissa Hays
Michelle DaVanon
Mike Raak
Minnette Redmond
Monica Forbes
Neal Guernsey
Nick Pettite
Patricia Quimby
Roberta 'Bo' Kelm
Ryan Lefever
Sabrina Smith
Samantha Forbes
Sara Graves
Sarah Durante
Sarah Szymanski
Sarah Vanderwerff
Steve Nachowicz
Steve Parisi
Tabitha Forbes
Tania Straczek
Thomas Kliemt
Tony Ciampa
Tony Kaap
Tracy Tisbo
Valerie Burke
Wyatt Doran


Are you one of these people?

If so, I'm looking for you. Probably just to say 'hi', or perhaps you owe me money, but I've lost track of where you are!!!

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