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Welcome to KaapFamily.net

A whole new design

With so many changes in the real world, changes in the cyber world were called for as well. To more accurately reflect the new nature of my world, welcome to this new portal on the web. If it's my family you're looking for, here it is. If it's me you want to employ to create your web site, send me an offer. Otherwise, come join me and my family as we travel the unknown future towards an unforeseen destination.

A happy family is but an earlier heaven. - John Bowring
A baby is God's opinion that the world should go on. - Carl Sandburg

What else is going on?

Besides rearranging the site to better represent more of a family than a personal web page, I'm also converting all my sites to PHP and mySQL. The free applications seem to have won out in functionality. It takes a little more back-end programming to make things happen, but I have yet to find the thing that makes ASP worth holding on to (or better yet, paying for).

After the full transition to PHP for my main pages, I'm going to be standardizing the background of how I do we programming. At this time I design by hand, and redesign each page as it comes. What I'm going to be doing is designing PHP classes to encapsulate the functionality I use so modifications can be made at the server level to reflect advances in technology rather than having to re-code each page because someone figured out a better way to multi-sort an array. So wish me luck, and give me feedback. I'm always up for hearing what people like and dislike about web tools. It's the only way to make sure we're making changes in the right direction. "Vote early, vote often."